There is sometimes this moment that happens when you are travelling, when something inside you shifts. It’s often an indescribable feeling, one that connects you to the place you’re in, inspiring curiosity, a desire for deeper connections and even more, igniting a need to experience the world in all its wonder and beauty. These moments are what make travel uniquely what is is, something that cannot quite be captured in words, but instead  needs to be felt, tasted, touched, discovered, lived and breathed. 

This is at the very root of the inspiration for Kosan’s badge. It’s our small and humble way of paying homage to those special moments.

Wearing the badge is about inspiring and celebrating a sense of community. Not only a community of travellers, but also a community that respects the places we travel to and the people who live there. It also embodies the importance of supporting one another on our respective journeys. Maybe it’s just a quick minute of your time, recommending a place to stay or the best way to get from point A to point B. Other times it may be taking an afternoon to swap stories over a coffee, or beer. Or maybe you find a companion, someone to travel an entire day, week or month with. Travel is undoubtedly an experience made greater through the connection we make with others and the world around us. 

With this in mind (and in heart), we explained our vision to our good friend Jill Rother. She took our words and wove them into a sketch, that though rough & raw, was exactly what we were looking for. 

Jill’s original sketch

This is where the journey to create our badge really began. Form this original sketch, it took us nearly two years and over 25 iterations with different friends and artists, to get to where we are today. A lot of cool stuff came out of those different paths we went down, but none spoke clearly to the sense of community, travel and wonder we were looking for. That is, until we teamed up with Ben Tallon, a talented artist from the UK. He took our inspiration sketch and brought the badge to life exactly the way we envisioned it. 

Our final badge illustration by Ben Tallon.

The intention of the badge is to connect a community of travellers, whether at home or abroad. It embodies our reason for being, and by. wearing it, we hope you will feel more connected and more at home.