There’s no rules and regulations when it comes to what you can manifest. So why not start by manifesting your dream trip? Add these steps to your morning for the ultimate wanderlust inspiring morning routine. After all, who doesn’t like daydreaming about sandy beaches or Italian wine?

After securing your pot..oops we mean cup* of coffee, light your favourite candle to set the ambience. May we suggest one of our new travel candles. For this practice, we recommend the Jet Lag candle that has soothing and calming effects, or the Digital Nomad candle that is for focusing. Now, set your intention; Make it very clear! Instead of saying “in 2022 I will be able to afford a vacation” think of the details, where is it, when is it, with whom? etc.

Kosan Travel Candles

Once you’ve set your intention, ask out loud for what you want, then write it down! There’s a few methods of how you can write out your manifestations, our most preferred is writing a letter to the universe in our favourite journal, with our favourite pen, seems more romantic! If you’re in the market for a good journal and pen, we got you! The journals match our adorable travel candles and the Faber Castell pens flow so easily across the paper, which just feels like it will make more of an impact in this whole manifestation process. Something about a matching journal and candle just feels… poetic!

Kosan Journal + Candle

Now one key note to manifestation is that you don’t just sit back and wait for it to happen, unfortunately. Like anything that is worth having, it requires work. Manifestation is more of a collaboration between the universe and yourself. Figure out your next steps, like making a budget sheet for how much you need to save for the trip of your dreams.

Lastly, be sure to practice gratitude. Take a page in your new journal to write down what you are grateful for in this life, thanking the universe for what it has already given you, will create the space needed for it to give you more.

Kosan Journal + Candle

With our new travel candles, journals, and pens, you can take your morning rituals with you everywhere you go. Keeping a routine brings for peace of mind and can help ease travel stresses on the road. Shop our new travel accessories now!