So you’re headed to the rainiest country in the world and you’re wondering just how exactly you’re going to handle it? Lucky for you, here at Kosan we have mastered the art of getting caught in the rain. We believe travel is meant to be enjoyed rain or sun, and we’ve created a list of Colombia packing essentials so you can do just that!

Cocoa Valley – Colombia

1. Go Travel Rain Jacket

We may be bias but we think our Go Travel Rain Jacket is one of the best on the market. Why you ask? Well not only does it keep you nice and dry but this ultra lightweight and breathable mid length rain jacket has over 15 travel-friendly features that will make it your must-pack travel essential. Weighing in at 14oz, it packs up nice and small in your carry on and can even double as a travel pillow.

Go Travel Rain Jacket – Kalamata

2. Go Travel Rain Poncho

You want to use our Go Travel Rain Poncho for those days that the rain is coming at you from every single direction. These mid-length ponchos are one size fits all so they REALLY have you covered. They’re incredibly light weight and pack into the pocket of the poncho for you to take anywhere for those “just-in-case” down pours Colombia is known for.

Unisex Go Travel Rain Poncho

3. Blunt Umbrellas

Blunt umbrellas can withstand winds of up to 55MPH. They are thee quality umbrella and are built to last. They’re a modern take on an old invention and are created for those who appreciate style, durability, and convenience. It packs down super small but has 39 inches of coverage when opened making it the perfect travel umbrella.

Kosan Blunt Umbrella

4. Field Notes Journal

These waterproof journals are meant for those people who don’t want or can’t rely on technology for everything. What happens if you’re travelling and you lose your phone and you no longer have the address to where you’re staying? Enter: Field Notes Waterproof journals. These little journals are virtually indestructible. Keep your memories, and important travel information safe in a secondary location to avoid unnecessary stress.

Field Notes Journal

5. Vessi Waterproof Sneakers

Vessi waterproof sneakers have gotten me out of what would’ve been some pretty wet and miserable travel days. They take up significantly less room in your travel bag than any pair of rain boots, or you could wear them on the plane! They’re 100% waterproof, vegan, knit and incredibly lightweight, perfect for packing and perfect for adventuring through towns and puddles.

Vessi Waterproof Sneakers

6. Vitamin D

While we love rain, it’s not lost on us that sometimes it just can’t do what the sun can, and that’s supply some good old fashioned joy in the form of vitamin D. Rain doesn’t always have to equal the blues, but sometimes it just does, and that’s okay too. If you want that sweet sweet vitamin D but still want to go puddle jumping, make sure to bring some Vitamin D tablets on your next trip.