Does anyone else just straight up forget how to summer? We go one year without leaving our homes and boom, can’t remember a thing! Well lucky for you we did the necessary research and accumulated a list of our ten favourite summer getaway essentials. These items are selected for summer, but they are perfect for all your wanderlust travels this year.

Dock & Bay Towel

Up first we have the Dock & Bay Beach Towel. This towel is an essential packing item because not only is it adorable but it is compact and lightweight. It’s our favourite beach towel by FAR. Spend your day frolicking in the waves and then dry off 3x faster than your typical towel. Save more time for the things that really matter, like the margarita that’s waiting for you back at your chair ;).

Carryall Pack

Want to save time and money on all of your trips? Who doesn’t. Save on checked bag fees by using our Carryall Back Pack. We promise you can fit everything you need inside this bad boy. It can be used as a duffel or as a back pack and is 35L! Skip the baggage carousal and go straight to your hotel (or hotel bar) after a long day of travel.

Ashbury Sunglasses

What’s a summer getaway without a fabulous pair of sunglasses? We’ve got you, and your eyes covered. These are a must pack because not only do they look cute but they were created with your eye health in mind. They are 100% UV protected and completely polarized. Live your best life in the Ashbury Sunglasses.

Go Travel Dress

If you know Kosan then you already know the Go Travel Dress was going to be an essential item. This dress really can do it all. Need to hike a mountain? Go for it, and you won’t even smell! Got a hot date? Perfect. Want to be the most comfortable person on the flight? Well now you can be. The Go Travel Dress is the most functional dress you’ve ever seen. It has four hidden pockets, is made with anti odour fabric, and can be worn long or short, what more could you need? A different colour? We got that too ;).

Bucket Hat

The Bucket Hat is a trend that we can get behind because it is one of the most travel friendly hats you can own. Packing hats can be difficult and sometimes you just don’t feel like wearing a big fancy straw hat on the plane with your sweatpants and leggings, we get it. The bucket hat’s flexible fabric means you don’t have to worry about ruining the shape while packing it in your luggage, making it a big summer getaway essential.

Sun Bum Mineral Sun Screen

If you follow us here at Kosan than you know that we are BIG carers. We care big about people and we care big about the planet. That’s why we choose zinc based sunscreen every time. It’s WAY better for people because it isn’t full of harmful chemicals, and it’s WAY better for our coral reefs and oceans. Sun Bum Mineral Sunscreen is a great budget friendly option when looking for a good non greasy face sunscreen.

Natural Factors Astaxanthin

This item may be less common for most of you, but for us it’s a vacation MUST. Astaxanthin is one of natures most powerful antioxidants. Not only does it support cardiovascular and immune system health but it also helps protect your skin from sun damage, it’s essentially a form of internal sunscreen, however it should not be used as an alternative!

Kosan Packing Cubes

We know this feels a little bit extra, but trust us once you cube to pack you never go back. These things make you look and feel SO organized and they are worth every penny. Keep your dirty laundry separate from your clean and your makeup away from your best dress. The Kosan Packing Cubes are a must.

Fernweh Wrap Skirt

The Fernweh Wrap Skirt is one of those more than meets the eye pieces. It’s made with anti odour fabric, adjustable in length, and has a hidden zippered pocket for your more special belongings. You can dress this skirt up in heels or down in sneakers, it alleviates the need to pack more for your trip because it does it all!

Koy Resort Kaftan

Last but not least we have the Kaftan of the summer, the Koy Resort Kaftan this is on our summer getaway essentials list purely because of how cute it is. The subtle neckline and cinched waist is completed with delicate lace trim that is flattering for all body types.

There ya have it folks! The complete list of our top ten must pack summer getaway essentials; and if you’re looking for a getaway then check out our Top 3 Gay Pride Celebrations to travel to in 2021.