This Week in Travel (Issue No. 20)

In light of Father’s Day this Sunday, it’s only fitting that we highlight travels catered to all different types of dads. Although Dad deserves more than just one trip a year and should be celebrated every day, Father’s Day gives us an excuse (as if we need it) to venture off on a weekend trip. And why the heck not! Conde Nast gives us eight places to go for Father’s Day, best for dads who crave the outdoors or adventure with a cold beer, dads who seek the road behind the wheel and, of course, dads who can’t get enough of golf. But as you know, our options are endless. In fact, you may not need to decide on an exact location after all—Alleluia. German airline Lufthansa is offering cheap, round-trip flights to Europe’s most popular destinations as low as €69. What’s the catch? The location is mysterious to travellers, and only revealed after the flights are booked. You are, however, allowed to select one of the nine categories narrowing it down to the type of holiday you desire, such as: romantic, adventure or nature trip. Indecisive travellers may be in their glory, but select carefully as you never know where you will end up. And if a surprise flight does not sound appealing, you may be enticed by Qatar Airways’ free stopover summer promotion. Check it out!

A hot destination, the Faroe Islands are breaking records with the number of tourists thus far in 2017. A beautiful collection of islands in the North Atlantic, it’s no surprise that interest in the islands has taken off. Happy news for the local tourism group who had been campaigning to add the islands to Google Street View with the help of sheep. If you are eager to get there, it’s easier than ever with summer flights from LoganAir between northern Scottish cities and Vagar. And a bonus, ticket prices have decreased due to an increase in airlines competing on the route.

The Faroe Islands. Photo courtesy of @visitfaroeislands

Last week we featured some of Europe’s top UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the issue of This Week in TravelCome summer, UNESCO will add two more Croatian sites to the list making it a total of ten World Heritage sites in Croatia alone. The historic Zadar and the Fort of St. Nicolas in Sibenik are reported to join the other beautiful sites in Europe. Both escalating in traveller interest, you can expect more crowds once their UNESCO status is confirmed.

The old town of Sibenik, Croatia. Photo courtesy of Lonely Planet. 

In other news in Croatia, popularity has its drawbacks. The popular tourist site Krka National Park is at risk from overcrowding, forcing Croatia to limit the number of people to 10, 000 visitors at a time into the Skradinski buk section of the park. The Krka National Park is known for its sixteen stunning waterfalls, hiking trails and rich green forest. Restrictions were initiated due to increasing concerns over safety and ongoing damage to the landscape caused from overcrowding. Not the first national park in Croatia to feel the effects of the large number of tourists. The Plitvice Lakes National Park, one of Croatia’s UNESCO site, was last year’s victim with tourists moving idly off the wooden pathways for a selfie-shot causing severe damage to the country’s oldest national park. Although there is plenty more to see in Croatia, if you do plan on visiting purchase tickets in advance and above all else respect these beautiful sites!

Denmark has other plans to safeguard the Gisselfeld Klosters Skove forest in Haslev. A spiral treetop walkway will literally give people the chance to walk above the treetops and experience the beauty of the forest from up above. The Treetop Experience, designed by architecture firm Effekt, has drafted the structure to wind around the forest showcasing some of the oldest parts including water features while causing little disturbance to the landscape. The walk itself will be 600 metres leading to a 45-metre spiralling observation tower where you will be able to capture panoramic views of the forest. Expect it to open in the summer of 2018.

The Treetop Experience, Denmark. Photo courtesy of Lonely Planet. Image by EFFEKT. 

If you crave adventure, Panama may be the destination for you. A new video campaign launched highlights Central America’s most underrated travel destination. Featuring some of Panama’s wildest spots, these four videos aim to accentuate Panama not as a country for tourists, but for explorers, pioneers even. The campaign shows off the beauty of the country from the mountains to the rainforest and to the sea. The company behind the videos, VML Chicago, said their aim was to portray Panama as a challenge to the fearless traveller. Sean Burns elaborated depicting Panama “as beautiful as Costa Rica…there’s just no tourist traps.” And what’s better than that?

Panama. Photo courtesy of Lonely Planet. Image by VML.

No better way to explore than by foot. And this traveller has been walking the globe for three years. Angela Maxwell, a 35 year old, had left Bend, Oregon back in 2014 and is slowly making her way back home with no set timeline. Walking around 20-30 kilometres a day, Angela has managed to walk across nine countries and three continents by foot. Her goal is to take her time, connect with her surroundings and possibly make the record for the slowest circumnavigation on foot while living on a budget of $5 a day. A tough feat, but as she told Lonely Planet, “it made me realize how little I can live on and how so little can bring me just as much happiness as living with more.” A life lesson Angela wouldn’t have learned without taking a risk to explore the world without certainties and leave behind the comforts of home.

We can attest that travel truly is the best way to experience life and appreciate happiness in the simplest way. With that we wish all our fellow fathers out there a happy Father’s Day! Get out and explore.


Happy Travels!

The Kosan Team