Don’t you just wish that you didn’t have to read this blog? I wish I didn’t have to write it. We’ve come decently far as a society in terms of equality for men and women, but yet the truth remains that it just isn’t far enough; because I still have to write a how to blog about traveling alone as a young female and you still have to read it.

If you identify as female then you already know that doing anything alone can be nerve racking. Throw in a foreign place, foreign people, and a foreign language and that feeling multiplies tenfold. We are not here to scare you out of travelling alone, never. Travel is one of the most beautiful experiences one can have alone. But you know what they say, a prepared traveler is a safe traveler. Okay, I don’t think anyone actually says that but, but we’re coining it now™️. With that said, here are our best tips for traveling alone as a young female.

Research Before You Go!

This one is fairly straight forward and should be common sense but can often be overlooked. The fact of the matter is, some places are just more safe than others. This is true regardless of your gender, but should absolutely be taken into consideration as a female. It’s unfortunate that we have to filter our choices through this lens but it is a fact. Often times the safest countries for solo female travellers are first world countries. Other countries still have loads of work to do in the fight against inequality and violence against women. The top three safest countries to visit while traveling alone as a young female are Finland, Canada, and New Zealand.

But wait, there’s more. Not only should you thoroughly research the country you pick, but you should also be researching after you’ve picked. Always research and read reviews for the best hostels, cities, tours, bars, and a big one that is often missed TRANSPORTATION. This can make the world of a difference as you don’t have the be the first one to test the waters!

Prepare For The Worst

I’m not trying to fear monger at all, but having the right equipment while travelling is a MUST. You can alleviate a serious amount of stress for yourself just by knowing your valuables are safe. We recommend investing in a high security bag for your daily adventures, and your flights. This will keep you safe from pick pocketer’s, credit card hackers, and just general thievery. Not that I’m bias or anything… but you can find my favourite travel pack here. The Kosan Carryall pack features RFID blocking technology and slash proof straps.

Kosan Carryall Pack
Kosan Carryall Pack

Secondly, make copies of all your documents in the unfortunate event that you do lose them or they get stolen. We’re talking front and back of your credit card, and passport. Do NOT keep these on your person or make hard copies but rather store them somewhere in your iCloud, google docs, or dropbox. That way if you lose your phone as well you can access them from any computer.

Book A Group Adventure Tour!

This is my favourite tip because these trips seriously are so fun. It’s a great way to meet likeminded individuals, you get to partake in the coolest activities, and you feel SAFE. If you’re nervous about traveling alone, especially if it’s your first time, this is a great way to dip your toes in with the added bonus of making new friends for life.

Another benefit of booking a tour is you’ll probably do things you wouldn’t have done on your own! For example, I booked a tour in Belize and ended up kayaking from island to island in crystal blue water. Something I obviously could never have done on my own (safely). Here’s the company I went with, 10/10 recommend.

Caye Caulker, Belize

There are plenty of reasons why it is harder for females to travel than men, but that does not mean we should stop exploring the world. Travel in defiance, travel because we should never stop craving new experiences. Don’t let fear keep you from seeing all the beauty in the world, but don’t let wanderlust keep you from being safe and prepared.

One final tip, if you’re scared of traveling alone as a young female but want to experience the world, in my experience Gay Pride parades are usually a safe place to start 😉🌈. Find our top three pride parades for 2021 here.