This Week in Travel: September 10

A roundup of COVID-19-related updates, including closures and reopenings.

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Here’s what you need to know from the past week:

Nigeria Has Reopened for International Travel

After being closed since mid-March, Nigerian airports have reopened to international travellers as of September 5.

Nigeria has reopened its airports to international travellers. Currently, the African country has no restrictions on travel based on nationality or point of departure.

All travellers will be required to meet certain entry requirements, including the following:

  • Must have tested negative for Covid-19 by PCR in the country of departure pre-boarding. The test must be within 96 hours before departure and preferably within 72 hours of pre-boarding.
  • Must have registered via the Nigeria International Travel Portal where they have to fill out an online health declaration card, upload proof of negative test results, and pay in advance for their second test.

Upon arrival in Nigeria, travellers will be required to:

  • Go through a temperature screening at the airport.
  • Quarantine for 7 days, during which time they are to avoid physical interaction with friends, family, colleagues, and other members of the public.
  • Undergo a second test on day 7, where if they test negative they can end self-isolation on day 8.

For more information on travel to Nigeria, just visit here.

Jordan Resumed Commercial Flights Beginning September 8

The government has categorized countries into green, yellow, and red areas with passengers from each category having their own specific requirements for entry.

After nearly six months of closure, Jordan will be resuming regular commercial flights at Queen Alia International Airport beginning September 8. The date was originally planned for August 5, but was delayed due to a surge abroad in cases.

Countries are being categorized into green, yellow, and red areas based on their risk level. Included on the green list of countries are Canada, Denmark, Greece, Switzerland, and Turkey. Included in the yellow category are Austria, Germany, Italy, Malta, and UAE; whereas those included on the red list are the United States, France, Spain, and the UK.

Regardless of where they are departing from, all travellers will be required to present proof of a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival and undergo another test upon arrival in Jordan for a cost of 40 JD (approximately US$56).

On top of the mandatory PCR testing, there are additional requirements for travellers, depending on their place of departure. To see these as well as the full list of countries and their categories, head here.

Ghana Has Reopened Its Airports For International Travel

After shutting them down in March, the African country’s air borders reopened this month.

As of September 1, Ghana’s air borders reopened for international travel after shutting down mid-March. Land and sea borders remain closed.⁠

There are no restrictions on which countries visitors can enter from, however, there are some requirements for entry.⁠

To enter, travellers must:⁠

  • Complete a Health Declaration Card ⁠
  • Show proof of a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of departure.⁠
  • Undergo a second Covid-19 test at the airport for US$150 (at the traveller’s expense). Results will generally be available within 30 minutes.⁠

Those testing negative on arrival will not have to quarantine. For more information on travel to Ghana, just head here.

Belize Announced a Revised Reopening Date

After postponing its reopening in August, the country has announced a new planned reopening date of October 1.

Belize has set a new tourism reopening date of October 1, after delaying their original planned reopening in August. ⁠

According to the Belize Tourism Board, travellers to the island:

  • Must download the Belize Health App and complete the required information.⁠
  • Book their stay at a hotel that has achieved the Tourism Gold Standard Certificate of Recognition (a new health and safety recognition program for hotels, restaurants, and tour operators).⁠
  • Are encouraged to take a Covid-19 PCR test within 72 hours of their travels (and use the “fast track” entry lane at the airport). Those who do not will be required to pay US$50 for testing upon arrival. However, depending on health screenings, some visitors may be randomly selected for secondary testing, even with a PCR test prior.⁠

During this stage of the reopening, travellers will only be able to visit tourism sites with an approved Tourism Gold Standard tour operator (meaning that they can’t explore Belize on their own). ⁠

More information on Belize’s revised reopening plan can be found here.

Malta Is Open to U.S. Travellers — With a Catch

Here’s how American travellers can visit Malta.

While the EU continues to hold up its travel ban on U.S. travellers, there are a few exceptions for those wishing to visit Malta. ⁠

To enter, American travellers will need to have spent the previous 14 days in one of the destinations on Malta’s safe corridors list. ⁠

As long as no stops or layovers are made in a country not on the list, then American travellers are welcome onto the island nation. Quarantining will not be required upon arrival, however, visitors will need to fill out a Public Health Declaration Form as well as Passenger Locator Form.⁠

According to Malta’s international airport, included on the “safe list” are Austria, Canada, Australia, Iceland, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Spain, and Turkey. It should be noted, however, that only a small number of those on the safe list are currently accepting U.S. visitors.⁠

Curious about learning more or viewing the full list of countries? Visit here!

Travel to Sicily and the Island Will Help Pay for Your Trip

In an effort to reboot its tourism sector, the Italian island plans to cover a portion of visitors’ hotel and attraction expenses.

The Italian island of Sicily will be providing travellers with a major incentive to visit. Through a plan to kickstart tourism, they will be offering a voucher which local authorities have said will cover a third (one in three nights) of hotel expenses, as well as attraction entry fees.

In addition to hotels, the coverage will apply to “non-hotel accommodation, facilities, agriturismi (farm stays), travel agencies, tour operators [and] registered tour guides,” according to reports. Free tickets to many museums and archaeological sites will also be offered as part of the initiative.

While the plan was to have the scheme run for travellers visiting Sicily in the fall of this year, authorities are now saying the deal could be available until the end of 2021. 

Currently still in the works, the ‘See Sicily’ voucher will be available on Visit Sicily’s website “soon.” For more details, head here.

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