This Week in Travel (Issue No. 8)

This week on March 8th marked by International Women’s Day, we took time to celebrate a wide variety of women, courageous adventurous women and bold solo travelers who refuse to stay home and choose to expand their borders. From stewardess to flight attendant women have come a long way. One of the best of the week was Condé Nast highlighting tenacious, globetrotting, bold women who became pioneers in travel despite the obstacles set against them, sharing their motivations behind their travels, which drove them away from home. Can you say, Amelia Earhart!

While fears of backpacking solo still exist for many women and some remain more hesitant to venture alone on the road, Adventure Women, a ladies only tour company with the motto to skip over the popular destinations in favor of less-know, quaint, isolated places, caters to female travelers who seek adventure off the beaten path with minimal risk. Run by a trio of women, a mother and two daughters, groups get the opportunity to travel and connect with local women while eliminating any insecurities and feelings of uneasiness that can come along with traveling –especially for women.

‘Adventure Women’ kayaking in Baja, Mexico. Photo courtesy of Adventure Women via Condé Nast Traveler. 

But if the exhilarating Solo travel experience is what you’re after, we give you Rough Guides’ epic round up of the world’s most legend destinations (with an epic video) for solo female travelers from icy glaciers to distinguished deserts and tropical beaches.

After all, the world’s most veracious and inspiring travelers arouse a voice, igniting change and lead the pack of warrior women who shout, Be Bold For Change! A voice missing in Antarctica, until recently, when an exhibition of 76 science infused women voyaged to Earth’s southernmost continent, which wasn’t widely inclusive to women.

Word is out and not all that surprising! A Survey last week said, Switzerland is the best country in the world reflecting people’s desires for peace and prosperity. The overall feel for Switzerland, their attitudes and quality of life ranked them in as No. 1 overall. And based on human rights, gender equality, and safety, Sweden was ranked as the best country in the world for women and raising children. So if you’re thinking of moving the fam jam anywhere that may be the place!

Gamla Stan, Sweden. Photo courtesy of New York Times.  

Making the leap, avid backpackers Terry and Jennifer quit their jobs, sold their home, and packed up all that would fit in a motorhome for a life far from home and the office. Family takes on a nomadic lifestyle with a toddler journeying through Spain to give their son a life to remember—a risk worthwhile. This boy will have more passport stamps than he can count in no time! But the point to travel is more than merely completing a checklist; it’s about experiencing places across our world and connecting to those within it. Lonely Planet features their staff, travel addicts, who illustrate reasons behind their travels and highlights. We can understand this uncontrollable addiction.

If you are looking to personalize your next trip, you’re in for a surprise as travel agency, Travel Unwrapped, plans your trip specifically around your very DNA. Not that you couldn’t roam the same lands as your ancestors before, but the selling feature of this company is they will actually design a trip solely around your ancestors’ homelands no matter how remote the location all from a single DNA test. It may be a little more premeditated and restricted, but admittedly it peaked our interest!

With news of Malta’s famous Azure Window collapsing, travelers are in mourning after the loss of one of the most recognizable, physical landmarks in Europe. An iconic, natural beauty now lost to the sea, another reminder that these wonders may not be around forever for us to enjoy. It seems each week we write about another amazing historic structure in trouble, which is why it’s vital to invest in travel now and support the communities who house these important and awe-inspiring artifacts for the next generation.

One of the last photos of Malta’s Azure Window. Photo courtesy of Getty images. 

Another topic that seems to fuel the news each: after an earlier executive order was blocked from the federal court, President Donald Trump signed a revised travel ban, which will officially go into effect March 16. Slight changes to the order have been made: Iraq has been removed from the list of countries banned, controversial indefinite ban on Syrian refugee has been lifted and revised to 120-day suspension and further language clarified. The roll out of the order this time has been laid out a little clearer, but the inherent rage remains. And with more political unrest and the world feeling pretty unstable lately, everything from recent new aggressive pat-downs through airport security to citizens being refused entry into the U.S., makes travelling a little more overwhelming. The travel ban will likely continue to damage tourism in the U.S. as people collectively feel unwelcome regardless of the countries included in the order. Strong opposition to the ban has ignited again, specifically in Hawaii, where the state attorney general, Doug Chin, plans to sue to block the new executive order, which is essentially according to Chin the same policy just written strategically in order to avoid back lash from the courts.

Recent attitudes towards the U.S. have shifted and people seem less willing to travel across their borders in response. It’s a reality we are all facing, as borders become less open to the world, detailed in the last weekly digest, and really such a shame. As travelers, we thrive on expanding our horizons and strive to see the world in a new light. But, we must try to remember that the attitudes of some do not sum up the attitudes of a country.

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“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.” – Maori Proverb


Happy Travels! 

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