This Week in Travel (Issue No. 7)

EXUMAS, THE BAHAMAS - JUNE 15: The famous swimming pink pigs at Staniel Cay on June 15, 2012 in the Islands of the Exumas, The Bahamas. (Photo by EyesWideOpen/Getty Images)

March is here, and we’re on the edge, perching on the doorstep of spring with faint signs of warm weather on the horizon. But we know that familiar, customary late winter restlessness and yearning to get way all too well; cramped up, querulous and unsatisfied in the gloom of winter, which is all too slowly passing. So we’ll be that convincing voice in your ear that persuades you to sneak away to the best places to travel in March from spring break getaways to some less crowded, but equally warm and budget friendly destinations. And if you are planning a trip, look no further than Buenos Aires, Argentina, recently named one of the cheapest places to travel this month. It’s the perfect time to explore this South American hotspot, plus as a bonus perk, all international travelers can now save money as part of the refund initiative. March offers more than beachside resorts; head overseas as off-season is still in effect in Europe, meaning lower fares and affordable hotel rates. Impromptu trip, anyone?

Photo from Kosan archives.

Tech savvy travelers, this is your month. New Zealand is giving away free weeklong trips to tech experts who opt to partake in a job interview – True Story! That’s one way to encourage tourism but their motives are a little more long term! And if that doesn’t seem like the job for you, this travel company will make your travel dreams come true. If you are addicted to social media and live for travel (like us), you may be the candidate for the job. Busabout will pay for two people to travel around Europe, all expenses covered, in exchange for your media and tech expertise. As early as May, you can be on the road exploring Europe cost-free for the rest of the summer. You may even get to be one of the many to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa on top of the new gigantic Ferris wheel in Pisa this summer.

Not quite a backpacker’s destination—yetSpaceX will fly two tourists beyond planet earth orbiting around the moon in 2018, if you can afford the hefty price tag that is. We may have to wait for some more budget friendly options, a hostel on the moon perhaps? For less space-crazed tourists, we bring you back to earth with this Swiss couple’s stunning hyper-lapse video showcasing their six-month venture in Asia. Seriously stunning!

As travelers, it’s important to be aware of how our actions while visiting other countries can have profound effects on local communities. Although we often have the best intentions, giving money to children on the streets can actually contribute to the ongoing cycle of poverty, which in turn, leads to organized begging. And while we are at it, we probably shouldn’t be taking photos of them for the purpose of sharing on our social media channels. Yes, these children are beautiful and they definitely have a story worth telling, but it’s not our right to take away their privacy. Huffington Post shares a piece on why we should stop taking photos of children in Asia and it’s worth a read.

Photo from Kosan archives. 

You may have heard the unfortunate news of the world-famous swimming pigs’ deaths. It is still unclear whether tourists were to blame for these tragic deaths at Bahamas’ Big Major Cay, but it brings to mind the sometimes careless, inappropriate behaviors that travelers partake in. As we mentioned before, it’s important to protect our wildlife and admire them from a distance. And these nine resorts are doing just that by going beyond their regular daily duties to help guests participate in conservation efforts for sea turtles. Guests can help save these threatened species while also enjoying a warm getaway – the best of both worlds! Read more on these resorts contributing to sea turtles conservancy here.

One of the famous swimming pigs. Photo courtesy of Huffington Post via Getty images. 

In other news, immigration bans keep getting worse. Muhammad Ali Jr. was detained for several hours at a Florida airport leaving us to question once again our rights as citizens. He was continuously questioned on his name, his affiliated religion and place of birth. After the travel ban and similar astonishing events, it’s really not so shocking that the demand for travel to the U.S. has declined. The New York Times reported that flight searches from international countries to the Unites States have dropped significantly in early 2017. It seems as though the Trump banter is not only circulating throughout North America, but is all the rage internationally. With heavy opinions on both ends, it’s sometimes hard to see the bigger picture. There’s a lot of concern over the new presidency and how it will affect people all over the world. In particular, American citizens, who now may need a visa to travel abroad. The European Parliament is calling for the reintroduction of visa requirements unless the States can lift travel restrictions on five European countries. With these potential imposed travel limitations, who knows what will happen next.

And with that being said, we remember the good always outweighs the bad:

“It takes a great deal of courage to see the world in all its’ tainted glory and still love it.”
-Oscar Wilde 

Photo from Kosan archives. 


Happy Travels!

The Kosan Team