This Week In Travel (Issue No. 36)

This headline from Global News popped up in our newsfeed last night, and we couldn’t help but shudder – “Bedbugs on Planes: How Often Do Planes Get Cleaned?”. This is the stuff of nightmares, just in time for Halloween. I mean, we’ve all stayed at less than luxurious hostels and we know to bring our own travel sheets, just in case. But now they might be following you home? A B.C. woman recently shared her experience on a 9 hour British Airways flight, where her and her daughter saw bedbugs crawling out of the seat.

Elsewhere in the airline industry, there are whispers that laptops may be banned from checked luggage on flights due to increased fire risk. A recent report suggested that a laptop battery could potentially overheat and cause a significant fire in the cargo hold area, that the fire fighting equipment on board would not be able to extinguish. The main concern is that if the fire starts in the cargo hold, it would build past a manageable point before staff were alerted and could address the issue.

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Reader’s Digest has just let the proverbial cat out of the bag, sharing a little-known airline rule that could be a ‘flight-saver’ in tough situations. Some major airlines have a protocol, called the Flat Tire Rule, that is meant to help customers who missed their flight due to unforeseen circumstances (such as a flat a tire). This rule states that if you arrive at the airport within 2 hours of missing your flat due to unforeseen issue like a flat tire, you will be put on the next flight out at no additional charge. Different airlines have varying takes on this rule, so be sure to call ahead to make sure. Either way, that takes the edge off, doesn’t it?

And in what seems now as the age old debate of social media influencers and the power of their reach, BBC has released a new article aiming to highlight some of the challenges with being a paid travel influencer. While running a business as a travel influencer can be incredibly lucrative, with some businesses netting six figures a year, it is not always as glamorous as it seems. The powerhouse duo behind Roamaroo have been extremely successful with their venture, but have shared that you don’t always see that they may only be at a beach for a few minutes, to capture one photo for their client.

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With Christmas fast approaching, The Broke Backpacker has put together a list of must-have gifts for the backpacker in your life. Notable features include On The Road by Jack Kerouac, a must-read, and headphone splitters for all those new friends you’ll make.

The ecological effects of reef damage and the necessity for ocean conservation have been featured in the news lot lately, such as this refreshingly honest video recently released by the Australian Government. While we have a long way to go, we are happy to see projects like BVI Art Reef popping up, taking a unique approach to saving our world’s reefs. As part of this project, an 80-foot steel Kraken was sunk atop a historic WW2 ship, in an effort to revive the struggling reef in the British Virgin Islands. Supported by Sir Richard Branson, this project will not only jumpstart a new coral ecosystem, but it will serve as an educational hotspot for researchers and local students.

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UK Airlines have recently notified customers that they may not be able to fly after Brexit, and that their flights may be cancelled without compensation. Airlines are working on backup plans, however, are warning of challenges following the UK’s scheduled exit from the EU as of March 2019.

Global Degree is in full swing with another season, and have recently released a video of their time in Haiti. Definitely worth a watch, this eye opening segment shows why in their words, ‘“It’s time we set free the Haitians and any other countries plagued with misconceptions.”

In what feels like a step backward, Quebec has passed a controversial ban that would restrict muslim women from wearing full face covering hijabs while using public services, such as riding the bus. There is a fine line between living together in harmony, and having the freedom to express yourself and your religious views. For some reason, this feels like it is crossing a line.

And on that note, we will leave you with a quote and some food for thought.

“It is not my place to judge any person’s beliefs, but choose rather to celebrate their ability to believe.” ― Tom Althouse

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