This Week in Travel (Issue No. 29)

It’s September 1st, and with the new month, it’s already feeling like Fall, at least here in Canada. Another way travellers may be feeling the chill in the coming months, some airlines such as Aer Lingus, will no longer be providing complimentary blankets and headphones on transatlantic flights. However, these no frills options aren’t without their benefits, they will offer cost savings to those who choose to flight this route!

Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand. Photo from the KOSAN archives. 

And hey, will flying is certainly fun, it doesn’t come without its downsides. A recent study was released highlighting the most unsanitary locations on planes. While most of us might immediately think of the bathroom, the reality is a lot more disconcerting. The study claims that the most germ-infested part of a plane is the tray table. That’ll teach us not to forget our travel sized hand sanitizer next time.

If you, like us, would rather focus on the destination as opposed to the journey (and accompanying germs for the moment), let us share with you some inspiration. Truly a hidden gem, and recently named as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, China’s Piano Island is sure to inspire. The 0.75 square mile island was so-named for it’s musical prodigies, and features 19th century European mansions. With no cars or bikes allowed, these serene little island is a colourful sanctuary rich in both culture and history.

If you’re more into wildlife than scenery and landscapes, check out the work of Waheed Alfazari. He’s working on a project photographing Oman’s wildlife in an effort to show that there is more to the area than bustling cities and skyscrapers. And that is only in his spare time, he spends his days working to protect the populations of local animals.

Mount Popa, Myanmar. Photo from the KOSAN archives. 

If you’re feeling inspired by Waheed’s photography, or are simply a bit of a shutter bug in your free time, check out World Nomad’s travel photography scholarship. You can enter to win a chance to travel to Myanmar, where you will be mentored by an expert photographer. Sign us up! In case you do win the travel scholarship, you can also check out World Nomad’s top tips if you plan on visiting Myanmar. Having visited a couple of years ago, I’d say that most of these are pretty accurate.

It’d be hard not to remember the chaos that ensued from the travel ban a few months ago. It looks like the lawsuit that came about following President Trump’s first travel ban is about to be wrapped up. Those who were barred from entering the country will be allowed to re-apply for visas within a three month period, so long as they drop their claims. Whether or not we think this is fair, it seems that the plaintiffs have agree and the settlement will move forward.

Hanoi, Vietnam. Photo from the KOSAN archives.


In other news, the KOSAN team is en route to Vietnam this week, working on some exciting things we can’t wait to share with you. If you have any recommendations on must see sights or things to do, drop us a line!


Happy Travels!



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