This Week in Travel (Issue No. 22)

We have given you lists upon lists of places to travel season to season. And summer is no exception. It’s here—finally—and we are in full on vacation mode. Really, summer opens up a vast array of possibilities for travel with great weather just about everywhere. With travellers flocking near or far here are the best places to travel to in July from Brazil to Helsinki. And if last week’s Canada Day and Fourth of July celebrations weren’t enough, hop on over to Mexico City where you can commemorate Frida Kahlo’s 110th birthday. Visit Casa Azul, now Museo Frida Kahlo, a museum showcasing her life and work, and walk through the neighborhood, which helped to cultivate her creativity in her art.

The lists don’t end there. No matter their age, style or geographical location, these holy temples are sure to impress. From Cambodia to Myanmar, these are some of the most beautiful Buddhist temples in the world. Not the only thing in common, Cambodia and Myanmar—two of Southeast Asia’s most stunning countries—have come together to promote their striking temples. In an attempt to entice more visitors, a new Angkor-Bagan Tourism Cooperation was announced with the campaign marketed as “two ancient capitals, one destination”. Famous for their ancient temples, Cambodia’s Angkor Wat is a top attraction while the temple of Bagan has begun to spike travellers’ attention.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Photo courtesy of Condé Nast via Getty. 

Regardless of their business plans, visitors to the holy site of Bagan in Myanmar will once again be banned climbing its sacred temples. Speculations are Bagan’s bid to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site may have motivated them to take significant measures in showing their intentions to preserve the holy pagodas. Although protecting the historic site from damage is of high importance, this is one of those tough ones to swallow. Trust us, we’ve done it. There is something fixating and deeply moving about climbing the Bagan, gazing out at the piercing red, yellow and orange sun as it sets, but we as travellers understand these restrictions are necessary.

Bagan, Myanmar. Photo courtesy of Telegraph vis Getty Images. 

Fan of the British Royal family? Well even if you’re not in the habit of keeping up with Prince Harry and Charles, you may be interested to read about the new regal site accessible to explore. For the first time, Queen Victoria’s Royal Terrace opens to the public. The monarch’s terrace and gardens on the Isle of Wight located four miles off the coast of Hampshire, England—the holiday home of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert—has been restored to its former splendor. After falling victim to normal depreciation, visitors will now have the chance to see the newly manicured gardens.

Royal gardens not you, explore off of the beaten path in Kyrgyzstan on a new trail. Discover Kyrgyzstan by new routes on a trail system connecting central trekking hubs Kochkor and Karakol. With the support of USAID, Kyrgyzstan’s trail system will open up the region making it easier for trekkers to guide themselves around the Central Asian country independently. The 20 different routes allow travellers to explore Kyrgyzstan’s mountains, lakes grasslands and local culture. The new routes centered around four central hubs will expand routes to trekkers beyond the popular bases, two of which are becoming backpacking destinations.

The Jyrgalan Passes track in Kyrgyzstan. Photo courtesy of Lonely Planet. Image by Nicholas Wharton

Adventurous trekkers may include this on their bucket list. South Africa, famous for their safaris with crowds of people seeking wildlife, is now offering a different kind of experience. A walking safari is now available through the Rhino Walking Safaris certified by Fair Trade Tourism for its’ sustainability, fair, responsible business practices and respect for human rights culture and environment. A walking safari means there’s a better chance of seeing a rhino, antelope or pangolin up close on foot with a guide, of course. Even more, guests have the opportunity to spend a night with the wildlife on a sleeping deck. It’s definitely an experience worthwhile.

With other countries taking responsibility in conserving our planets health, China’s plans to combat air pollution is an exciting project in supporting the mission towards a greener future. As many of Kosan’s team has been to China, we can attest that there may be no place on the planet that needs to deal with this issue more. Liuzhou, southern Chinese city, will be converted into a magical “forest city” covered in plants and trees. Not only in parks and gardens, millions of plants will coat building facades with the hopes of improving air quality. Italian architect, Stefano Boeri is keen to ensure “the city will have all the characteristics of an energy self-sufficient urban establishment”. He explains further that the new green city, Liuzhou, will be connected to “a fast trail line used by electric cars”. An admirable vision in the face of climate change, one we hope to see more of in future urban plans.

 Stefano Boeri’s Liuzhou ‘Forest City’. Photo courtesy of Lonely Planet. Image courtesy of Stefano Boeri Architects

And before we sign off to embark on your weekend festivities, we’ll wet your appetite with what Mr. Bourdain says is the next big thing, instagram food sensation: Sisig. A Filipino dish best described by our favorite host himself: “It’s hot, sizzling, crispy, sticky, delicious bits of pork with many textures,” Bourdain continued. “It’s exactly what you need after a few beers and that’s a perfect food.”

Enough said… Enjoy!

Filipino famous dish. Photo @Senorsisig


The Kosan Team

The Kosan Team

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