This Week in Travel (Issue No. 15)

If you have been keeping up to This Week in Travel on the Journal, you know by now that we strive to bring you the latest travel news week to week from around the globe, with a few unexpected, hidden gems of course. In this week’s travel news, and in what is becoming quite a trend in 2017 for countries such as Australia and New Zealand, the mayor of the Italian village, Bormida in Liguria, has offered individuals financial incentives to move to the village in an attempt to bolster it’s dwindling population. Not really much of a surprise that the campaign seems to have worked, which has resulted in an outpour of interest. Although not yet official, it has spiked enough interest for those wanting to uproot their lives for a life in Italy. And I mean, who can blame them? Ciao!

Italy. From the KOSAN archives. 

If want to go to Italy but are looking for something slightly less permanent, check out Condé Nast’s list of the best Italian road trips from the windswept coast to the heart of Chianti wine region and all the way to Italy’s Lake District. But be warned, in case you get a hankering on your road trip for a McRoyal DeLuxe (aka Quarter Pounder with Cheese) when you pass through Venice, your food dreams will be cut short. That’s right, you may or may not be happy to hear about Venice’s latest ban on fast food set to preserve the city’s romantic charm. In the spirit of conserving Venice’s cultural heritage as well as sustaining tourism, the promotion of local foods is part of the larger goal to relieve the tourism strain on Venice brought on by the hundreds of thousands of visitors who flock to the city each year. As we’ve mentioned before, tourism booms can become a major cause for concern, challenging popular destinations to find solutions to manage tourism in order to sustain their environment and identity.

Surprise! Irish beach reappears after disappearing into the ocean 33 years ago. Locals of the Achill Island’s village Dooagh were taken by surprise last month when golden sand returned again in place of the rocky shoreline. The beach is back and residents of Dooagh hope to see a revival of visitors to the area now that the beach is restored and boosting the economy.

Doough beach on Achill Island. Photo courtesy of Lonely Planet. 

Although it wasn’t a beach that appeared out of nowhere, in Indonesia a carcass of an unidentified sea creature has washed up on Hulung beach causing frenzy amongst tourists trying to catch a glimpse of the mysterious creature. In other Indonesian news “rainbow village”, is attracting a large number of tourists to Kampung Pelangi in Randusari thanks to its’ vibrant makeover. The social project has attracted tourists to the village for its’ colourful backdrop, helping to develop the local economy. Once considered to be a slum, Kampung Pelangi has become a dream destination for both photo enthusiasts and instagrammers alike.

Indonesia’s “rainbow village”, Kampung Pelangi. Photo @semarangexplore

Speaking of Instagram, the next travel photographer you should follow is @lisajanemurray. Through Faces of Change, she looks to empower individuals with a new project capturing the stories of people most affected by climate change and the action they are taking to stop it. Lisa Murray has been travelling the world across Africa and Asia with a mission to shed light on those affected. Farmers are struggling to grow food due to a significant increase in drought and flash floods causing many parts of the country to declare famine. Despite the struggles, Lisa reports to Lonely Planet that the local initiatives empowering communities to limit climate change and attempt to boost the local ecosystem has been impactful.

A women watching over her crops in Tigray. Photo by Lisa Murray courtesy of Lonely Planet. 

As we are on the topic of protecting our beautiful planet, a massive nine day cleanup on Mount Everest began on May 6th with workers clearing four tonnes of trash from the site thus far. Organized by the Chinese Mountaineering Association and the Sports Bureau of Tibet, over 100 local residents and climbers were involved in the clean up. The amount of trash left behind is shocking and another reason to remind us of the simple task of picking up after ourselves and leaving our planet clean. Interesting side note, one California couple climbed Mount Everest to exchange their vows on top, becoming the first couple ever to do so. We’re not going to make any “it’s all downhill from here” jokes…because that would be too perfectly tacky. In all seriousness though, best wishes to the adventurous newlyweds!

We are beginning to feel like a bit of a broken record, but the conversation needs to continue. Climate change is no joke and as campaigns, such as Earth Day, try to educate individuals on the concepts of climate change it’s important to get out there and take action against it. What are you doing to tackle this issue?

As we take the leap from climate change to female empowerment, this is one area in which we’ve come a long way. Just look at movements such as International Women’s Day, celebrating the wonderful women from around the world who strive to make our world a better place. Heidi Evans is one of such woman, who saw a gap in the tourism industry in France. . She has created a unique tour dedicated to the women who helped shape Paris, “Women of Paris”, showcasing their history and influence in France’s capital city. The tour focuses on women such as Marie Curie, Gertrude Stein and Catherine de Medici, all powerhouses who contributed towards the growth and success of the City of Lights. It’s a welcome change from the typical tour circuit and we hope to see this become a global trend.

Meanwhile, the election results are in: Emmanuel Macron was elected as the youngest president in France’s history, defeating Marine Le Pen. On a more progressive note, Macron has unveiled half of the candidates for June legislative elections are women, with a possibility of a female prime minister to be announced on Monday.

And in case you’re a fellow Canadian reading this, ensure to share a story about your favourite place to explore in this beautiful country. Right now our namesake airline is hosting a campaign celebrating our 150th birthday to win one of 150 tickets to anywhere in the country. All you have to do is:

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Looking forward to seeing all the inspiring entries about this amazing place we live!

British Columbia, Canada. From the KOSAN archives. 


Happy Travels!

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