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This Week in Travel (Issue No. 12)

Happy Easter or Passover fellow travellers! Those of you wanting to reconnect with family or friends over the holidays, or need to just get away spontaneously, are in luck! Airlines are offering super cheap flights with Easter flash sales to and around Europe and within the U.S. Once again we reiterate reasons to travel in spring. If you are on the hunt to find some Easter events around the world this weekend, Lonely Planet has the list for you. From a helicopter egg drop in Queensland (yes, you read right!) to an egg championship hunt in England. Or if you happen to be in Bessières in southwest France on Easter Monday, you can enjoy an omelet made with 15,000 eggs—a tradition locals in the village have partaken in dating back to the time of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The draw of churches is especially high during this time of year. Whether it’s the aesthetic appeal or the spiritual connection to the church, there’s no dismissing the travellers’ desire to scout out these masterpieces. And lucky for us, Condé Nast supplies us with the most beautiful churches in the world.

Las Lajas Sanctuary, Columbia. Photo courtesy of Getty.  

Science has once again come to our rescue, claiming that holidays are not only a desire but also a necessity to our health. A study published in Translational Psychiatry has proven that our stress levels are significantly lower after only a short getaway. Not surprising to us! With that in mind Collective gives you top three Australian holiday destinations: Long Island, Tasmania and Arnhem Land. So put aside your workaholic tendencies and mobile; it’s time to be a little more adventurous outdoors.

Planning holidays can be stressful enough when not in tune with your emotions associated with certain activities. A Singapore tourism project has created a travel guide based on emotions all by measuring your brainwaves. Scientists from two Australian universities have conducted research tailored to the study of the family’s brainwaves while on vacation, drawing up the Singapore Emotion Travel Guide. Future visitors can now be advised of the emotions they may experience at certain attractions, offering a different approach when setting your itinerary.

Have you heard? You can see the world this summer and get paid! Travel brand Thomson’s Scene is offering a summer internship open to content creators and social media influencers who are residents in the UK or the Channel Islands. The lucky four will have the opportunity to travel to ten destinations over three months while creating content and capturing their experiences, free of any expenses. Destinations include Ibiza, Croatia and Cancun. You have until April 23rd to get your applications in. All you have to do is film a short video detailing a place you would love to travel to and why—an opportunity you won’t want to miss out on.

Photo from the KOSAN archives. 

After years of drought, the Yosemite’s waterfalls are alive again! Due to the heavy rainfall and snow, Yosemite National Parks’ waterfalls are flowing at a higher volume than ever. This year the falls are expected to run until the end of August rather than drying out at the end of June. A bonus, visitors heading to the park this coming weekend, April 15-16 or the following April 22-23 can take advantage of the free admission being offered for National Park Week. If you want to avoid crowds, TomTom unveiled new “off-the-beaten-path” maps in an effort to prevent overcrowding National park trails.

One of the world’s natural wonders is in danger of dying. According to research, 2/3 of the Great Barrier Reef is suffering due to coral bleaching, caused by pollutants and rising sea temperatures. The study conducted out of research institutions in Australia showed that the reef has gone through coral bleaching for the second time over twelve months. Although coral reefs can recover from this phenomenon, it is more unlikely if it occurs two years in a row, therefore more susceptible to dying. Even worse, the surveys show it spreading to other parts of the reef, leaving only the southern section unaffected by the warming waters. Without a doubt global warming has impacted the reef largely and while tourists are encouraged to visit still, we must be cautious and try to limit the effects we can have on the future of the reef.

The Great Barrier Reef. Photo courtesy of Condé Nast via Getty Images. 

In recent news, the forcible removal of a passenger from a United Airlines flight has caused an open dialogue about our rights as passengers. The videos taken by other passengers seemed to capture the shock and disgust transpired from the overly violent measures taken by officers. Overbooking is allowed under federal law, and there can be some benefits to passengers in some circumstances. But it is important to know your rights as passengers before boarding your flight. In the New York Times article, In the Air, That Uneasy Feeling of Us vs. Them, according to Mr. Kidd of the airline passengers’ association, “when you buy a ticket you subscribe to a Contract of Carriage that says basically that they can remove you at any time for many reasons” such as requesting your space or inappropriate odors or attires worn. It does guarantee a flight, but not necessarily on the one booked. The airline must rebook the flier on another flight and at this point compensate the passenger depending on the destination and length of delay. Regardless of the rules, which vary slightly based on the airliner, we shouldn’t ever feel uneasy to fly nor at a moments notice feel threatened.

In other news, and slightly more uplifting, on the brink of winter in 2015, Nikki Misurelli decided to ditch the winter in Alaska and leave her life there behind to travel to warmer weather. Her spontaneous adventure down south didn’t end there though and inspired her to embark on a solo motorcycle adventure around the world. Since then she has biked through Italy, Spain, France, Gibraltar, Portugal, Austria, Slovenia and Morocco. Travelling only with a tent, a hammock, few items of clothing, two pairs of shoes and of course her motorcycle, Misurelli volunteers her way with charities along her travels. Her goal throughout this journey is to inspire others and portray the world in a positive light.

Nikki Misurelli in Italy. Photo courtesy of @alaskamotogirl . 


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