Thank You, Mom.

We may be a day late in posting this, but there shouldn’t be a time limit on celebrating our mothers. And if truth be told, one day is not enough to show our gratitude for all they have done for us!

In celebration of all that our mothers do for us, we are sharing how our mother’s inspired us to become the travellers we are today. So from our family to yours, Happy Mother’s Day to all the strong, courageous women around the globe.

Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada

An oldie but a goodie #vintage
Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada. From the KOSAN archives.


My mum grew up during a time where for her travelling was a luxury, a far out wish that was only in her dreams, but not immediately attainable. Even though she didn’t have many travel stories to share, she never discouraged me from exploring this world. She pushed me to make my dreams a reality and adventure out to all parts near or far. Our backyard forest close to home, and adventures just across the U.S border were as far as we ventured together. But I learned to appreciate the world on a smaller scale, simply valuing the people and the beauty that surrounds us wherever we go. My mother encouraged me to travel afar as I grew older and taught me to impart those same values on others. With her courage, I became less fearful of the unknown and challenged myself to brave the world. I owe that to her.



Grampians, Victoria, Australia

The Grampians, Australia. Photo from the KOSAN archives.


When I was young, I didn’t do much traveling in the same way I do now, but I have my mother to thank for the way I travel. My mum taught me the importance of being fully immersed in your surroundings. Wherever we went together it was always about exploration; do as the locals do, eat as they eat, try something you’ve never done before. We never stayed in a resort, which I am thankful for as it has created an adventurer in me. I now pass those gifts on to my own children.


Uluru, Australia

Uluru, Australia. Photo from the KOSAN archives.


When we were growing up, my mother was far from a worldly traveler.  She was up at 5 am taking us to hockey practices and supporting us in whatever we wanted pursue.  I love my mother for giving me the confidence to do whatever I was passionate about.  She made me feel like I could do whatever I wanted, because of this, travel became a big part of my life.  Later in her life my mother embraced her adventurous self and hit the road to see the world.  I’m proud of my mother and thankful for everything she gave me.


St Vincents And The Grenadines

St Vincent & The Grenadines. Photo from the KOSAN archives.


My mother first inspired to travel through books. She’d share with me books like The Alchemist, autobiography of a yogi and the  Celetistine Prophecy – books that take place in exotic places and share unique perspectives and ways of viewing the world. As a teenager these books ignited my imagination for a world I didn’t know.  We’d go for long walks and talk about them and I knew one day I’d visit all the places.


Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece. Photo from the KOSAN archives.


My mom has been my hero since day one, a huge inspiration and force to be reckoned with. Her love, kindness and strength have moulded me and built me up to be the person I am today. Even when I messed up, stayed out too late, drank too much or failed a class (or two), she was there. She showed me that there is so much good in the world, and her relentless optimism never ceases to amaze me. It was through her eyes that I first fell in love with the world, and even today, where I am and whatever I am doing, she is with me in mind, heart and spirit. Even when times were rough and it seemed impossible, she’d just look at me and say, ‘Why not?;. To this day, she makes me feel like I can achieve anything and go anywhere.


Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba. Photo from the KOSAN archives. 


Everything we have, everything we are, we owe it to you. From the bottom of our hearts, to both our moms and all mothers around the globe, thank you for all that you do.


Karyna McLaren, KOSAN TRAVEL

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