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Month in Travel: May 2018

Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash

Is it just us or the year seems to be whizzing past. We’re almost halfway through, and with so much to do and see, we wish time would just slow… down… a little.

While the end of April saw a historic meet between South and North Korean leaders – a humongous step towards world peace – May was no less an eventful month.

Hidden Balinese Villas

Our discovery of the month was a beautiful resort in Bali that lets you indulge in the lap of luxury, surrounded by nature, without, and this is the kicker, putting a dent on your pocket.

While the amenities that range from hot tubs and pools to deluxe spa treatments and comfortable beds are always appreciated, it’s the views that have us jumping for the next flight to Indonesia.

“Secret Fares” That You Want To Tell The World About

If by any chance you are still stuck up in the ancient times (and by that we mean the early 2000s) using flip phones instead of smart ones, here’s one reason to switch over.

As the airline price-war gets intense and travellers are in search of the next best deal, Hopper Inc. has teamed up with a few airlines to offer what they call “secret fares”.

Guaranteed to be lower than what you might find elsewhere on the web, these mobile-only fares are the latest trend in airline marketing. They not only benefit the companies by getting their seats filled up but for the customer, it’s the perfect way to save some money.

Photo by Sebastian Grochowicz on Unsplash 

Southwest Airlines

Some more bad news for Southwest Airlines as one of their planes ended up with an unplanned landing due to a broken window in the early days of the month. This incident came just weeks after a disaster where one of their jets lost an engine that resulted in an emergency landing and the death of a passenger.

We still believe aeroplanes as one of the safest modes of transport and bring the world a whole lot closer. However, incidents such as these can be scary.

We’re just glad that in this particular case the pilot was able to land the plane without any further incidents.

Cambridge Analytica Shuts Down, and The GDPR Goes Into Effect

In more news related to safety concerns of a different kind, the now infamous Cambridge Analytica closed its doors in May as most of their clients have left them.

The company had come under the spotlight recently for “illegally” obtaining personal data. While harm has already been done, this might serve as a cautionary tale for those that partake in similar activities and should lead to stronger laws when it comes to data collection.

Speaking of laws, the European Union enforced General Data Protection Regulation went into implementation on 25th May 2018. Companies operating within the EU and those dealing with European customers are required to follow the rules. Although some of the information might not be clear, it is vital to make sure that your website or travel blog is GDPR compliant.

Glamping in Ladakh

Photo by Himanshu Garg on Unsplash

When glamping first came on to the scene, we weren’t sure if it was just a fad or something that would result in a new travel niche.

It seems to be a case of the latter as Ladakh in India got one of its first glamping sites during this month. We must point out that this one is quite the looker regarding the indulgence and facilities it offers with the bonus of being situated in breathtakingly stunning unadulterated surroundings.

Passport Power

In our constant endeavour to get you interesting facts and figures about all things travel, we came across a fascinating video that looks at the mighty passport in an informative way.

From the colour of the passport to which country’s national document is considered the “most powerful”, this will either make you jump with joy or lead you into despair as you plan to stand in line for a visa.

Now, we do think that getting a visa, even though a tedious exercise, can be an excellent study of human nature, patience, and diplomacy. Not to forget the emotional rollercoaster while waiting to hear back and then finally the joy of receiving it or God forbid having it denied.

“This is America” goes Viral

Artistically, the month of May was a rollercoaster ride. On the one end, a confident Mr Kanye went on record to support a particular President and make some rather bold and mostly unpopular statements.

However, it was Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino who went viral with his This Is America video that resonated with people not just in the country but across the globe.

Already considered a masterpiece, This Is America is a mirror that looks at society as it is now and is performed by the artist in a spectacular fashion that is both thought-provoking and idiosyncratic at the same time.

The Royal Wedding

Photo by King’s Church International on Unsplash

Who doesn’t like a royal wedding?

Well, some folks complained about the taxpayers’ money being used for it, and then there was Anthony Bourdain who had a thing or two to say about the wedding on Twitter.

Mind you, Mr Bourdain isn’t without his eccentricities which includes disguising himself and visiting Popeyes in Louisiana to eat fried chicken and mac and cheese. In his defence, after a long stint of travel abroad, we’ve all done weird things in the name of that old familiar comfort food we love.

In England though, and to some extent across the world, there was a sense of merriment as millions watched Prince Harry marry Megan Markle.

But in foggy London town, it was something else that caught our eye in May.

Photo by Hat Creative on Unsplash

The Cabmen’s Shelter

History, heritage, and food combine to give us a unique and quirky look into the lives of London cabbies through 13 green coloured sheds spread out all over the city.

A small room for taxi drivers to rest and grab a quick bite, the Cabmen’s Shelters also serve snacks and drinks to visitors. However, only those who have passed “the knowledge test” can enter the cabins. For us mere mortals, we need to order through the window.

While the sheds might not be as iconic as the now diminishing London telephone boxes, they do add to the alluring characteristic of the city.

You know what! We just got an excellent idea.

What if we were we to go out looking for all 13 of the green cabins in one day? A sort of treasure hunt if you may, and it would only be apt to hire the legendary London black-cab for it.

So, while we search for our London maps and chalk out the best route to the Cabmen’s Shelters, we end this month in the spirit of adventure and the delight of finding that special something when you least expect it.

Adios, and we shall meet again, same time, the same place, and once again brimming with new stories to share and extraordinary escapades to discuss.