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Month In Travel: March 2018

Boracay Island | via Expedia

With Spring Break crashing into the Easterfools Day, we sincerely hope you had some time to check out in March. As HuffPost chronicles all the “crazy” that happened in March, the headline What a Year This Month Has Been seemed all too fitting. Two thoughts to kick this off: 1. I’m reminded why I stopped looking at News Feeds two and half weeks ago and 2. When the world seems so maddening it’s always great to re-read BBC’s reasons to love the world.

Fancy Toilets

The toilet has been the brunt of many jokes but could one be so damn grand even if it isn’t one of the 50 reasons to love the world it’s at least, in part, a reason to visit Norway or Japan?  Norwegian Scenic Route Helglandskyten is home of to world most beautiful Pubic Convenience. Don’t believe us? Have a look for yourself!  

And the lavatory on road Fv17, near the town of Gildeskal, isn’t the only place with cool toilets. Check out these wacky ones from Japan as well.  Although fancy toilet travel isn’t likely to replace gastronomy tourism anytime soon given that toilets often aren’t the highlight of one’s trip yet, there ain’t nothing wrong with having a nice place to ______!

If you’re still nine years old at heart and thought it was hilarious we were talking about toilets, here are some more travel jokes for you… this time at the courtesy of flight attendants.

Rolf Potts’ New Book & Other Travel Tales

Of all the great travel books, of which their are many, Vagabonding by Rolf Potts is most certainly a classic. This past month Rolf released a new book called “Object Lessons”, where he delves into a complicated history that explores issues of authenticity, cultural obligation, market forces, human suffering, and self-presentation. Souvenirs are shown for what they really are: not just objects, but personalized forms of folk storytelling that enable people to make sense of the world and their place in it.’ Although we haven’t read it yet, it’s now on the list!

One of the reasons we’ve always loved Rolf Potts is because he writes with honesty. In the world of travel influencers and bloggers on Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube and Facebook, it’s fair to say the “real” story isn’t always front and center. That’s why it was a refreshing to see Conde Nast team up with some of your favorite travel influencers and share What it’s really like to turn travel into a full time job. You still may want to be become a full time traveler but at least this sheds light on some of the harsh realities behind the dream job – Can you say empty bank account and travel burn out?!?!?

Travel With Pets… And Reasons To Think Twice

In other news, United Airlines had a bit of shit month, and deservedly so as they had two instances where a dog died en route and one where a 10-year old German Shepherd named Irgo was flown to Japan when he was supposed to end up in Kansas. Thankfully, Irgo made it home. If you’re thinking of flying with your pooch, you’d better think twice, especially if it’s United, as they had 18 dog deaths alone in 2018.

Train Travel

If you’re a user of Amtrak be prepared for more fees. It’s a model all too familiar with airlines, so there should be no surprise since Richard Anderson, former CEO of Delta, took the helm. Smarter Travel has the details. Not necessarily cheaper, rail travel can certainly be peaceful and beautiful so instead of getting too upset, check out these 6 Incredible Train Journeys that, also according to Smarter Travel, won’t break the bank.

Spring Cleaning: Not Just For Your Dusty Apartment

Didn’t know whole islands closed for Spring Cleaning? Well according to Lonely Planet, the popular island of Boracay in the Philippines is set to close at the end of April for up to six months in a bid to clean up the area and make it more environmentally friendly.

It’s great to see that this is just one of many initiatives that people around the world are engaging to improve the environment. By April 22nd 2019 Belize has pledged to ban single-use plastic items. Amazingly, over 30 countries have already banned single-use plastic, and France even banned plastic cups and plates! Off the coast of Catalonia, a brand appropriately named Sea2See, is making fashionable and sustainable eye out of sea rubbish!

Some Art, Close To Home

Making a difference always starts with us. Always has and always will. Sometimes it’s picking up trash and other times it’s expressing yourself through art. Take visual artist Durrah Alsaif, for example, whose visual art is located in the Chinatown-Stadium SkyTrain station in Vancouver (right near our office). Her stunning visual art, which looks at the cultural significance of the hijab, turns the commute into a travel-like experience!