Month In Travel: January 2018

Holi Moo Festival | Mikadun via Shutterstock

Admittedly, after taking our holiday hiatus we’re a little slow getting back to things. Some of us here at Kosan traveled to Argentina, others Mexico and some just bushwhacked in our home base of British Columbia. Alas, we’re back and you may notice a new look and a re-naming this blog post to the “Month in Travel”.

Super Blue Blood Moon

Depending on where you live, and if you’re if you’re into that type of thing, just a few days ago the Super Blue Blood moon provided a pretty spectacular backdrop around the world.

Shithole Nations

Because we’ve been holding our breath since the middle of January, we’re going to let out a little steam about a certain comment a special president made about “Shithole Nations.” We’re not the new media so we’re not going to sugarcoat anything. If travel has taught us anything there are no Shithole Nations…only Shithole Leaders who make the world look much worse.  And as America talks about buildings and uses walls as a negotiation tactic to move along DACA negotiations, it continues to be a tough pill for us swallow. From our view…which is usually boots on the grounds in the streets of many countries around the world, everyone shares the same hopes and dream and deserves the same respect and dignity.

Winter Olympics

A lot of that dignity and respect will be on display at the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, Korea. While some debate whether or not a South Korea Games is safe to attend we at Kosan believe that when you get back the media zoo and marketing agendas the Olympics Games truly are about bringing the world and people together in unity. We hope that this message, and not tensions between the US and North Korea are brought to the forefront.

Seoul in the Winter | Image via Expedia

International Festivals

Speaking of celebrations, now that 2018 is here, smarter travel gives us a list of this years must see festivals including The Harbin Ice Festival in China, The Festival of Color in India and the Water Festival in Thailand. And on that note, although we already posted the article on our Facebook we’ll re-share Lonely Planet’s travel predictions for 2018. Spoiler…Drones (still…) and VR are still in there. We’re not sure how we feel about that.

Harbin Ice Festival | Image via Giusparta / Shutterstock

To plan or not to plan each day of your trip?

One topic that caught our eye this month from Travel Daily News was around that according to studies American’s don’t plan well enough for their trips and thus lose valuable travel days. In the spirit of spontaneity, we tend to not plan very much ourselves but are curious what you think of the topic. Please share below in the comments or on our facebook!

1EUR Real Estate

Whether you planned to move to the town of Ollolai in the Mediterranean idyll of Sardinia or not in 2018, the mayor is now selling homes there for 1EUR which may change your mind. The catch is that you need to commit to making about 20,000EUR in renovations… Given that Sardinia is one of the world’s Blue Zones it may be worth the 20,001EUR investment!

Airlines: Less space, more VR

Many say the future is now, you just need to be able to afford it. Well, while the Wall Street Journal was ranking JetBlue as America’s worst Airline  (which admittedly surprised us as we’ve all had decent trips), the future of first-class arrived at the Dubai Air Show when Emirates and Singapore revealed some pretty snazzy looking interiors. All that; however, pails in comparison to the real vision of the future which changes the age of question who gets the window seat. Read: VR windows.

The Future of Air Travel… | Image via Airbus

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – we may still have to deal with Airlines getting rid of reclining seats first.

Life is NOT a Journey

Whether it’s the Journey or the Destinations that gets you excited as a slight diversion you should watch this video that came across our desk that it’s neither…life’s a dance!

A dance full of interesting and inspiring people and places. No doubt we at Kosan agree with this study posted by Conde Nast that shows people prefer places more than things and with that comes people. Last month we interview a Wild Life advocate Aaron Smith and always the interesting Afar Magazine also shared some of the most interesting people they met last year.

Now for some housekeeping…

For those that purchased our Kosan Travel Pack System we’ll be sending an update via Kickstarter shortly, and for those who are just finding us, you can still purchase the bag on Indigogo. We’re in midst of designing a super awesome travel dress (thank you for those who took the time to provide feedback on our survey…you’re the best) and with the new look of our website and blog, we’re also in the midst of developing our first logo as well.

Yep, needless to say, we’re excited about the year ahead and some of us already have trips planned to Colombia and Costa Rica. The rest is still a wonderfully blank canvas with a promising adventure to come.

Stay tuned!