Month In Travel: February 2018

Via NurPhoto/Getty Images

Transit troubles in China

Depending on the year, sometime between January and February hundreds of millions of Chinese people make the journey home for the Spring Festival. To put your rush hour transit woes in perspective, between this and Chinese New Year some 390 million passengers will take the train. CNN Travel thought it would interesting to experience this year’s Lunar New Year on a Motorbike!

Travel to South Korea

With the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang now behind us, that doesn’t mean there is no reason to travel to South Korea! One reason is to enjoy the tradition of eating tteokguk during the lunar new year celebration. Why? Because in Korea you don’t celebrate your birthday on, well, your birthday, but instead on the Lunar New Year with 51 million other people. The eating of the dish marks you a year older and a year wiser. Aside from this. South Korea is famous for its communal culture and Koreans seldom use the word “I”… “instead preferring ‘we’ or ‘our’. Dinner is served in shared dishes, enjoyed among a table of friends. Even drinking is a joint effort – Koreans don’t fill their own glass but instead pour for their neighbor, knowing the favour will be returned.”

Anyway…we thought that was neat!

Seoul | via Getty

A matchmaking tree

Speaking of we instead of me, if you’re in the mood for a romantic experience that feels a strange combination of Outlander and Plenty of Fish, you should visit a 500-year-old oak tree in Eutin, Germany. Apparently, it’s been matchmaking singles for 100+ years!

Rome-ing in snow

Picture Rome. Now Picture Rome with snow! With winter on the way out, at least in our minds, Courtesy of the “Beast from the East” Rome was treated to a dump of the cold white stuff and the pictures, shared by Travel & Leisure are beautiful! Oh, and in case you just can’t get enough, here are more beautiful photos of attractions covered in snow!

Beast From the East

Yes, the mighty “Beast from the East” even managed fuel nightmares across England as it’s powers caused British Airways to cancel 50 flights and other tarmac woes, but it is as to be expected. After all, little Punxsutawney Phil did scurry out of his marmot on the fabled Groundhog Day and did see his shadow. This omen, in case you forget or just didn’t care, indicates a long winter.  It’s a 132-year-old tradition held at Gobbler’s Knob but according to the official Pennsylvania tourism website. There is much more to the tradition that just top hat-wearing member of the Inner Circle of Punxsutawney Groundhog Club.  We know you just earmarked you travel plans for next February 2nd…so…you’re welcome!

Cheapest places to travel in 2018

But a little trip to Punxsutawney wasn’t your idea of an adventure like any budget traveller we love a good deal and looked with yearning as the Telegraph showed the 18 cheapest places to travel in 2018. Of course, the devil is in the details and the infamous question is always…from where! Still, it’s fun to think of Mombasa, Kenya, for 67.77 pounds!

And although we’re not in Kenya anytime soon, in our favourite travel news of the month we smiled ear to ear when we read that 93-year-old Grandmother Noventa Vicentina traveled to Kenya to work at an orphanage.  She proves as the article says, that “any can help make the world a brighter place” and she just became our new hero!

Kenya | via The Telegraph

New discoveries

Other heroes of the month include the Archaeologist that found some 60,000 hidden Mayan ruins in Guatemala this past month. Although you may not discover 60,000 ruins each time you visit a new country, there is no question that continuous discovery is one of the very best reasons to repeat visits to any place. Take the Grand Canyon for instance, although this secrete tiny village wasn’t unearthed by Archaeologists, of the 5.5 million people who tour the area each year few know the existence of Supai, Arizona. Located 3000ft in the depths of the Havasu canyon and accessible only by foot or helicopter visiting here will certainly give you a sense of your inner, albeit modern, Indiana Jones.

In many ways, February was a strange month for us. Whether it was a little cabin fever because we just didn’t have the chance to travel that much, or that our furry friend Phil told us that we had 6 more weeks of winter (he appears to right by the way), I can’t say for sure. So alas, we’ll keep hunkered down through cozy nights channelling our best Danish Hygge as we dream about  $67.77 pound flights to Kenya and wonder why airplane seats are almost always blue.

Oh wait…there is actually a reason for that.