Top 3 International Destinations to Celebrate Pride in 2021

We know how hard 2020 has been on everyone, and we could all use a little (or a lot) of cheer in our lives. Well what is more cheerful than a gay pride celebration?! Quite literally nothing! If you’ve ever been to one then you know what we’re talking about… IMMACULATE vibes. In honour of pride month, we found our top three international pride celebrations that are open to fully vaccinated travellers, with proof of a negative covid test (some exclusions may apply, do your research). 

Miami Beach Pride

Starting off strong at number three we have Miami Beach Pride. While Miami’s actual pride parade isn’t until September, in true Miami party scene fashion, of course they’re also having a banging gay pride celebration in June.  The first event is the Pride Bar Crawl on June 16. You get to hit five fabulous gay bars for $25.00 and you get a free drink at each bar. If we know our Miami, and we think we do, this is a pride celebration you don’t want to miss. Tickets available on Eventbrite.   

Mexico City Gay Pride

Coming in at number two we have Mexico City Gay Pride. Second only in size to the São Paulo gay pride celebration for all of Latin America, this celebration is one you don’t want to miss. Mexico City is a common spot for LGBTQ+ travellers and supporters alike, so it comes as no surprise that they know how to celebrate pride. The actual pride parade or Marcha del Orgullo LGBT de la Ciudad de México, takes place June 26 at the Angel of Independence statue in Zona Rosa, and ends in Zocalo. In addition to the march, there’s sure to be numerous parties and club celebrations that you won’t want to miss.

Copenhagen Gay Pride

Last but not least we have Copenhagen Gay Pride. Denmark has always been at the forefront in progressions for the LGBTQ+ international community. They decriminalized same sex-sexual activity in 1933, that’s 34 years before Canada! If that wasn’t enough, they also became the first country to legally allow changing your gender without prior medical approval in 2014. Not only are they pioneers and role models but they also know how to throw a mean party. Cophenagen’s pride is a ten day celebration that runs from August 12-22, so you have time to plan and do this thing right. If you need to find some cute travel outfits, well you know where to look 😉