13 Super Comfortable Dresses That Are Perfect to Travel In

We wanted to do this roundup on comfortable travel dresses because #1 it’s currently starting to get cold here in Vancouver, BC, so you bet we are thinking of warmer climate places. #2 It’s hard to find nice looking travel-friendly dresses, and #3 travel dresses are on our mind because we just launched our own travel dress, that you can check out here if you so desire to.

We love dresses because to us they are the ultimate all-in-one, do-it-all piece. You can wear the same dress with sneakers or heels, throw on a jean jacket to look perfectly causal or blazer to instantly look put together. Day or night, dressy or casual the dresses we pick are meant to flatter you no matter where you are going.

5 Things to Look for in Your Perfect Travel Dress

  1. Wrinkle-free or travel-friendly fabric, we aren’t going to lie not all the dresses on this list are wrinkle-free, but we did make an effort to find travel-friendly fabrics, so you aren’t needing to bring a steamer or jerry-rigging a steam shower.
  2. Pockets, whether you are looking for a travel dress, an everyday dress or a wedding dress, every dress is made better with pockets.
  3. Versatile, the more places you can see yourself wearing the dress the better.
  4. Length, this is really up to you, whatever you feel comfortable in and where you’re travelling to, short, midi or long it’s up to you.
  5. Fit, it’s essential to consider fit because of all the eating and walking you will be doing on your travels so because of that probably want a stretchy and forgiving fabric. Also, you will notice that we tend to look for a dress that is more fitted on the top to show off your figure and billows out into an A-line, so you stay comfortable walking and more importantly eating.

Enough chit chat and on to our list of dress:

13 Travel Dresses You Need to Pack with You Now

#1: The Kosan Go Travel Dress by Us 😉

We had to throw the Go Travel Dress in there because to us, this is the perfect travel dress. We can go on and on about how great we think it is because duh, we made it. But what we would love more than that is for you to see for your self how great it is.

#2 The Rou Dress by Reformation

This is a midi tank dress that has pockets and is not tight to your body and looks to be a pretty travel-friendly fabric. You can wear it during the day with a pair of sneakers or at night with a fancier pair of shoes.

#3 The Linen Box-Cut Tee Dress by Everlane

I don’t know about you, but when I think “must need clothing item” I typically think t-shirt, so it only makes sense that a t-shirt dress is on our list.

#4 The Classic French Terry Crew Neck Dress by Everlane

How cozy would this dress be on a plane and how easy would it be to throw on with a cute jacket when you have nothing to wear. The answer, so easy.

#5 The Victory Sweatshirt Dress by Athleta

grey hoodie dress

This hoodie dress to me screams comfort, as apart of an Athleta’s athletic line one can only assume that the fabric was design to sweat a little in. Also, did you see that this dress has a hood? So you can totally get caught in a little drizzle it in and be okay.

#6 The Thelma Linen Midi Dress by Reformation

This linen button-up midi dress seemed to be the “it” dress for all warmer traveller this year. And we can totally see why, it’s a great length, has pockets and is super versatile.

#7 The Japanese GoWeave Tank Mini Wrap Dress by Everlane

Everlane did the world good when it created this amazing tank wrap dress with pockets.

#8 The Sunset Valley Dress by Patagonia

How could we create a list of travel dresses without mentioning one of the biggest outdoor brands? The Sunset Valley dress is our pick from them.

#9 The Bow Belted Dress by Mango

This belted bow dress by Mango is a great shirt dress, it’s great because it’s a shirt dress with pockets but also because you can really wear a dress like this day or night if you wanted to feel a bit more put together one day.

#10 The Japanese GoWeave Short-Sleeve A-Line Dress by Everlane

Unlike the T-shirt dress we share above, this one is a bit more forgiving, its A-line or tent shape will hide all of the food bellies.

#11 The Short Shirt Dress by Zara

I don’t know about you but when I think of a travel dress for some reason I always think safari like shirt dress, and this is exactly the vibe that the dress above has, also again, pockets.

#12 The A-line Dress by H&M

This simple A-Line dress is on our list because, #1 its a great price point ($14.99) especially if you tend to be a bit more careless with your things and #2 it has pockets, and we know we don’t need to say anything more than “cheap dress with pockets” to sell you.

#13 The Button-Down Midi Shirt Dress by Urban Outfitters

When we see this dress, we see a long walk walks exploring new neighbourhoods. It’s short shoulder covering sleeves and midi length make it a create more conservative option if that’s what you are looking for.

And that’s our list of fabulous dresses that are perfect for travelling in. If you think we missed any, please let us know, and we will be more than happy checkout and add your favourites. Also if you had more time on your hands and wanted to browse a bit more, please check out our Kickstarter campaign for our very own Go Travel Dress!

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